LAX Lounge offers custom & organic air brush spray tanning! At LAX Lounge we strive to provide every client with a natural and authentic sun-kissed glow! 

Our service is fast drying, pregnancy, and breast feeding safe!

  Organic Spray Tan (8-10 hour dry time) $50

  Organic Rapid Spray Tan(1-5 hour dry time) $60 

  Add ons: Anti- Aging $5

                 Skin FIRMING $5

                 DHA BOOSTER $5

                 bronzer drop $5


Exfoliating mit $15




Email or chat with us regarding our wedding, prom, and special event package pricing!


Spray Tanning

Before & After


- Shower, shaving, and exfoliating a minimum of 6 hours before appointment,  we suggest 24 hours prior to your appointment. Waxing should be  done a minimum of 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. This time, will allow the amino acids in the skin to reconstruct and ensure all pores are closed. 

-Do not use any lotions, oils, gels, waxes, shaving cream, scented shower products prior to tanning. These products might leave a residue/film on the skin which can prevent the tan from developing properly. If you have extremely dry skin,  please apply a very thin layer of oil free lotion to avoid a scale like look.

- Do not wear make up, deodorant, or sun screen prior to tanning. These products will make your tan look patchy and have dark spots. Avoid for the entire day until after your tan. 

- Please bring dark loose clothing to wear after. You can choose to go with or without undergarments/bathing suit. When choosing undergarments think about what you want your tan lines to look like!



- Do not wear bra, socks, tight clothing, or jewellery after tanning. Be mindful of purse straps, seat belts, back packs etc until you have rinsed.

- Wait the suggested amount of time before you shower. Regular organic spray tans require developing times between 8-12 hours, and rapid tans require developing time of 1-5 hours. Rinse in warm water NO soap!

-Avoid touching skin while the tan is developing.

-Avoid any activities that will provoke sweating or coming into contact with water during the developing time. If it is raining outside after spray tan appointment, make sure to cover yourself very well until out of the rain. 

- Keeping skin moisturized through out the 7-10 days with the spray tan is important. Make sure to use unscented oil or petroleum free lotion all over! Use an oil free cleanser on the face, and avoid products that might dehydrate the skin. 

- Only light shaving is suggested to maintain smoothness while tanned.