Eyelash Extensions

Classics are 1:1 ratio, meaning one extension to one natural lash. Weight can vary between 0.10mm-0.25mm Classic lashes are known as the more natural set to get, all depending on the weight of lashes used and the fullness of the natural lashes. Classics work well for clients with full lash lines and thicker lashes. Application time 1-2 hours. Classics can have a less noticeable fall out process.


Classic Full Set $120 

Two week fill $60  Three week fill $70


Must have 40% lashes remaining to be considered a fill. 




Eyelash Extensions 

A combination of classic lashes & volume lashes.  You can achieve a natural or glam look with hybrids. Typically, we suggest

hybrids for clients who like a "whispy" look and or a light volume look! 


Two week Fill $80 three week fill $90


Must have 40% lashes remaining to be considered a fill. 



Eyelash Extensions



Volumes are a 3:1- 8:1 ratio. The weight of volume lashes can vary between 0.3mm-0.7mm. Typically volumes are the most "dramatic" set you can get, but can also be applied as a more natural set when using the smaller ratios.Volumes can also be very beneficial for clients with sparse lash lines, thin lashes, or from previous damage  Application time is 2-3.5 hours. Some times the fall out process can be a bit more noticeable (different for every client). Volumes can create a strip lash look. 

Volume Full Set $180 

Two week Fill $80 Three week Fill $90

Must have 40% lashes remaining to be considered a fill. 




 A Lash lift is a system that will curl and lift your lashes as a hand curler would but better!! A lash lift can last up to two months!! Tinting is to make the natural lashes look darker as if you are wearing mascara!

Lash Lift & Tint $95

lift $85

tint $20